Daily archives "December 5, 2013"

New Initiative: My Bug Story – Global Digital Storytelling Community [VIDEO]

We want people all over the world to tell their stories!

Green Matter has recently launched a new initiative created to get people all over the world talking about bugs that they experience – My Bug Story.


Because bugs are everywhere and everybody’s got a bug story! So tell us your bug story by recording your own personal video and submitting it at MyBugStory.com. Be sure to check out the other bug story videos. Many are funny, educational, entertaining, gross and just plain weird.

What’s your story?

My Bug Story is on Facebook and Twitter too! Feel free to listen to other people’s stories and engage in fun conversations. You can add to and/or catch up on some stories by using our unique social media hashtag #mybugstory on Facebook, Twitter and other places that support hashtags.