Green Matter, Limited is an environmental education company designed to encourage people of all ages to THINK with their brains (gray matter), bring about CHANGE (living greener) and take steps to get involved to SPREAD awareness by using “bugs” (arthropods – insects, spiders, scorpions, etc.) as attention-getters, teaching tools and role models.


>> The Problem
We are in the midst of a global crisis characterized by climate change, environmental damage, habitat loss, population decline and species extinction… all things caused by man yet detrimental to our future.

>> The Solution
We need to educate ourselves and others to gain an understanding about and respect for the environment. Kids are the future drivers of change and I believe that more emphasis needs to be placed on science education.

>> The Catch
Nowadays, kids aren’t exposed to nature and are less interested in science. But, I’ve found that bugs are great attention-getters (and keepers), teaching tools and role models! This is how Green Matter is unique.


Green Matter was started by me, the “green” brainchild, Michelle Harris Sawyers – aka “Bughugger” (a term coined by me, of course!). I have a B.A. degree in Biology from the University of Toledo and worked towards a M.S. degree in Entomology from the University of Florida. My interests included comparative animal physiology and medical entomology, but I also gained a lot of knowledge on insect pests and pest management. In addition, I have a M.S. in Marketing & Communications and my own marketing company (http://shelshok.com).


I am currently involved in environmental education, global ecology and field research studies through Earth Expeditions (a collaboration of Miami University, The Cincinnati Zoo & Biological Gardens and Project Dragonfly). In July 2012, I traveled to Belize where I studied conservation of coral reef systems and manatees and visited Tobacco Caye, Belize Zoo and Baboon Sanctuary, to name a few. In July 2010, I traveled to Costa Rica where I studied neotropical rainforest ecology and visited such sites as LaSelva Biostation, Manuel Antonio Park, Monteverde Biostation, Monteverde Cloud Forest School and Arenal Volcano, to name a few. My main research focus has been on insect conservation, including public awareness and citizen science. (Stay tuned for an online version of my travel journal and awesome photos!)


Thanks for stopping by and I welcome (read: encourage) all comments, suggestions and/or questions you may have!

Greenly Yours,

Michelle Sawyers Harris with millipede

Michelle Harris (aka “Bug Hugger”)

Managing Director / Outreach Educator
Green Matter, Limited
Columbus, OH



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