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I’m a Self-proclaimed eduENTOpreneur

Michelle Harris aka Bug Hugger - public speaker

Hi there! I’m Michelle (aka “Bug Hugger”), a self-proclaimed eduENTOpreneur – educator, entomologist and marketer (CEO/Founder of Shel-Shok) with a big green heart (CEO/Founder of Green Matter) and a bionic ear (Deaf Be Not Proud). Not only am I addicted to Macs, the Internet and chocolate, I have an insatiable appetite for cultural immersion and global ecology that I feed through adventures off the beaten path and on my drag racing motorcycle. I have studied in Costa Rica, Belize, Guyana… and soon, Thailand (hopefully).

I Challenge You To Find Talks as Unique

Through presentations and workshops, I share intricate facets of my many passions and knowledge with insightful, motivational and humorous talks… with a twist. I have the unique ability to weave into my talks, meaningful and useful lessons using bugs as a frame of reference like no one else. In addition, I provide inquiry-based, project-based environmental education workshops. Topics vary widely and are customized for any audience or event. Talks, workshops and breakout sessions can be mixed and matched depending on the occasion.

Types of Talks:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • 1-2 Hour Talks
  • Half Day Talks and Workshops
  • Full Day Talks and Workshops
  • Multiple Day Talks and Workshops

Types of Audiences:

  • Schools (prek-12), Colleges and Universities (classrooms, districts, clubs, interest groups, etc.)
  • Youth Groups (scouts, boys and girls clubs, nature clubs, etc.)
  • Nonprofits, Corporations and Other Organizations (employee meetings, retreats, training, etc.)
  • Science-related Groups (zoos, conservationists, nature clubs, animal enthusiasts, etc.)
  • Specialty Groups (women’s clubs, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, networking groups, etc.)

Sample Talks (may include breakout sessions or workshops):

  • Team-building – “All you need to know about team-building you can learn from ants.”
  • Bullying – “The good, the bad and the bugly”
  • Relationships – “Lepidopterous views on life, love and lust”
  • Diversity Management – “I see your true bug colors calling through”
  • College Life – “Social butterfly: mud puddling through college”
  • Sustainability – “Healthy meat alternative: Bugs in your teeth”
  • ??????? – I will customize a talk for your audience that leaves them transformed and entertained!

Sample Hands-On Workshops:

  • Building Ecohabitats
  • Recycling and Composting
  • Citizen Science Projects
  • Entomology 101
  • Bugs as Pets at Home or in the Classroom

I have over 15 years experience in marketing and science coupled with a master’s degree in marketing and communications, a bachelor’s degree in biology. In addition, I have completed graduate level coursework in biology, global ecology, environmental education and entomology, as well as undergraduate coursework in business, marketing and advertising design.

Contact me today to learn about pricing and availability!

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